Warrantee & Care

Warrantee & Care

Warrantee & Care

Our furniture is crafted using carefully selected materials and modern factory equipment. It has been designed and manufactured with everyday usage in mind but does require some care in both usage and maintenance.

Wood is a natural product and as such display’s natural variations in grain, colour and structure which reflect the varied life cycle of each individual tree. Variable conditions create prominent and visible facets such as dark sap lines and grain whorls, but these characteristics are not a fault and are confirmation that the piece of furniture is unique.

A technologically advanced finish coat has been applied to your furniture to assist with ease of maintenance. Following some simple rules will ensure the furniture continues looking its best and avoids damage.

1. Gently dust all surfaces once a week with a clean, soft cloth to remove dust and debris, taking care to avoid scratching the finish.

2. For cleaning, use only warm soapy water and ensure and excess liquid is dried up immediately with a soft dry cloth.

3. Remove liquid and food spills immediately by scooping up the excess and then removing any remainder using the method detailed in step 2 of these instructions.

4. Never use silicone-based cleaners as they result in accumulated residue which flaws furniture’s appearance and will cause damage to the finish in the long term. Cleaner which contains ammonia and spirits are also not recommended as they can cause damage.

5. Do not place the hot objects directly on your furniture and will result in damaged.

6. Steam vapor will damage your furniture. Avoid all potential sources.

7. Avoid exposure to direct sun as this can result in damage.

8. Avoid exposure to direct heat (eg. Fireplaces or room heaters)

9. Do not leave objects (eg. Vases or placemats) in place for extended periods as this will leave permanent shading.

10. Always use cushioning under all hard objects to be placed on the surfaces to avoid scratching.